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Introduction to the Standardization of NGS Workflows (Part 1)







The German Human Genome Phenome Archive

Introduction to the Standardization of NGS Workflows

GHGA (The German Human Genome Phenome Archive) is inviting you to the next episodes of our Webinar Series – a double feature on NGS Harmonization.

Spread over two episodes, the webinars will give you an overview of the challenges of and workflow solutions to harmonizing and integrating data from different sources of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.

The first part of the series will focus on standardization of workflows in general, while the second part covers the benchmarking of workflows and demonstrate how to use public pipelines for optimized analyses using the Sarek pipeline as an example.

The speaker is Kübra Narcı, an expert from the GHGA workflows team who will discuss the importance of standardization in NGS workflows, and provide practical tips and best practices for achieving harmonization across different platforms and workflows.

The webinar will be the most useful to people who are interested in the implementation, automation, and harmonization of NGS workflows. The tutorial is aimed towards participants with some prior knowledge of NGS analysis and workflow managing frameworks. Some experience with coding in any programming language and cloud computing is helpful but not required.

If you want to participate register here.

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