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The RDM School of Catalysis – A test Run

On September 22, 2021, the RDM School of Catalysis started a first test run as part of the South-West German Catalysis Institute in Annweiler at Trifels. Within 160 minutes, including open discussion and interactive examples, the 15 participants from different institutions received insights into research data management in the field of catalysis.

In the first half of the event an overview of the basics of research data management was presented, followed by an introduction to the function and advantages of databases and -modeling. The feedback from the course participants collected at the end of the first modules will be used to better adapt the future courses of the RDM School of Catalysis to the requirements and needs of PhD candidates and postdocs. The aim of the RDM School of Catalysis is to provide participants with a guide to utilization of research data in all fields of catalysis.

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