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Interim Report

DFG published

General Information: Catalysis-related sciences play a pivotal role in efficient production across various industries. The NFDI4Cat consortium is dedicated to establishing a robust research data infrastructure for catalysis-related sciences, bridging molecular studies to large-scale production reactors. Emphasis is on engineering sciences, aligning with DFG subject classification.

NFDI4Cat’s Commitments Include:

  • Standardized processes and support services
  • Development of specialized vocabulary
  • Connection building within the NFDI4Cat community and internationally
  • Enhancement of digital and Research Data Management (RDM) skills
  • Establishment of open, well-defined data structures and interdisciplinary metadata standards
  • Facilitation of data collaboration among catalysis researchers
  • Provision of software and tools based on FAIR data principles
  • Integration with national, European, and global research data services

Composition of the NFDI4Cat Team: The team comprises 16 expert partners in catalysis, data science, high-performance computing, and machine learning. An Industry Advisory Board has been introduced to validate deliverables’ relevance for industrial members and strengthen ties with the industrial sector.

For more details and outputs, refer to the full report.

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