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“FAIR Data Principles in Physial Sciences in NFDI” on April 26th

Stay tuned for further announcement to join us on the journey to implement FAIR in research.

On April 26th, the FAIR Data Principles in Physical Sciences in NFDI workshop went into its second round. Making research data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) is a common challenge in all disciplines of science. The workshop aimed to explore possible common solutions at the hand of practical use cases from the participating consortia.

The process of making data FAIR does not start with uploading in a repository, but needs to be integrated into the whole research process. Accordingly, the second iteration of the FAIR Data Principles workshop focused on use cases and tools to create FAIR workflows from the start. Within 100 minutes, the participants of the workshop experienced captivating introductions and discussions of three different use cases, getting insights to the approaches to FAIR in the different consortia and institutions and even discovering possibilities for cooperation.



After an entlightening introduction to the FAIR principles in research by Carolin Rehermann, participants experienced fascinating and interactive presentations of use cases:

  • Elena Sacchi and Harry Enke (PUNCH4NFDI): “Curating Data Flows: Leveraging REANA for Reproducible Analyses of Dimensionality Reduction Workflows”
  • Sarath Menon (NFDI-MatWerk): “Creating and running automated workflows for material science simulations”
  • Oliver Knodel (DAPHNE4NFDI): “Overarching Data Management Ecosystem HELIPORT”


Strong participation:

More than 45 participants from all consortia of Physical Sciences in NFDI joined the workshop, engaging in a compelling discussion.


A recording of the workshop is available on Youtube.

You can find the presentation slides of Carolin Rehermann (FAIRmat), Elena Sacchi and Harry Enke (PUNCH4NFDI) on Zenodo, the slides of Sarath Menon (NFDI-MatWerk) are available on Github and the slides of Oliver Knodel (DAPHNE4NFDI) can be found on Heliport.

The FAIR Data Principles workshop organized and supported by Physcial Sciences in NFDI is planned as a biannual event. Stay tuned for further announcement to join us on the journey to implement FAIR in research.

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