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NFDI4Cat aims to bring together the various disciplines within catalysis

NFDI4Cat in a nutshell

Catalysis is a very complex and interdisciplinary scientific field that enables the efficient production of a wide range of products for different industries and at different production scales. Thus, catalysis is one of the key technologies for addressing major challenges such as a sustainable energy supply or climate change. Data management in catalysis is currently organised mainly at institutional or working group level and based on local conventions. Overarching repositories and standards on how data including metadata should be stored exist only in rudimentary form.

In order to generate the highest possible added value from catalysis research, a fundamental change in catalysis research and catalysis-related sciences such as chemical engineering and process engineering is required. Bringing together the different disciplines of catalysis in terms of data management is the central challenge. Out of this need, the NFDI4Cat consortium was founded as part of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) initiative. NFDI4Cat focuses on shaping the digital future of catalysis.

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