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Join us online on Thursday 10.11.22 for the next NFDI physical sciences joint colloquium, featuring Dr. Nancy Washton!

Dr. Nancy Washton, Catalysis Science Group Lead, Physical Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


The last decade has given rise to increased scrutiny on the need for domains in physical sciences to generate robust and reusable data that can be accessed by the broader research community.
Adoption of FAIR principles has allowed research communities that rely on large, shared data sets to approach data equity and thereby advance inclusion and knowledge across the globe as they speed discovery.

However, the entirety of physical sciences has yet to embrace FAIR principles, with specific subdomains at various stages of moving toward full adoption. Chemistry and many of its subdomains lag materials science and physics in mounting a concerted communal effort for adopting processes that allow FAIR data principles and structures to be realized. Barriers to adoption are technical and psychosocial, and the interplay between them.

This presentation will discuss a strategy that addresses both key point: technical and psychosocial. In the absence of a robust conceptual and technical framework that allows researchers to easily record, aggregate and store the various parts of a coherent data set, and an understanding of positive and negative beliefs related to shared data, the goal of FAIR data available in the public domain will not be achieved.



NFDI4Cat has set up a new YouTube channel. You can already watch the first videos, for example the one from the last Physical Sciences colloquium with Dr Nancy Washton.
Or you might be interested in the video from the last TA1 open door meeting, where the current state of the development of ontologies for catalysis data was discussed.
We look forward to seeing the NFDI4Cat YouTube channel grow in the future. Feel free to drop by.

The NFDI Physical Science Joint Colloquium is an initiative of all the NFDI Physical Science Consortia (including NFDI4Cat). The aim is to organise an event with high-level speakers who can explain to a broad audience why data and data infrastructures are necessary to promote their adoption among scientists.

NFDI4Cat was responsible for the speaker at the event in November, and we were able to secure a great one: Nancy M.Washton. Nancy Washton is the leader of the Catalysis Science Group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in the United States. The PNNL is a leading center for scientific discovery in chemistry, data analytics, and for technological innovation in sustainable energy.

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